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The PAX Prime 2014 give away presented by The King!

The rules this year are going to be a bit extensive, seeing as how I don’t have as many skin as I did the year prior, I am going to make you all work a little harder.

In order to obtain a skin card, containing both Riot Kayle and Arcade Miss Fortune you will need to:

  • Get this post to at least 2,000 notes.

If this post does not get to 2,000 notes by the 13th the prize will go to a private party.  I messed that part up.

  • You must be following this blog as well as this blog.
  • You need to like this post.
  • You will only be allowed to like this post once.
  • You should probably reblog.
  • You have to reblog one picture from this blog.

Every picture you reblog, does count as an extra entry for the opportunity to win a skin code and or the package at the end.

  • You will need to send a message to this blog, stating what server you would use the skins for.

I will be giving out several skin cards to random individuals whom manage to complete every task listed above in an orderly fashion. 

This give away will end on the January 13th, 2015 and one of your wonderful people will receive a package delivered to your house, containing one League Of Legends autographed Poro, one Vi and Jinx Lanyard, One Random Honor Pin of my choosing as well as two bracelets, that read ‘Wards Save Lives' and 'I HATE TEEMO' | 'I <3 Teemo' as well as two clapping sticks of any colour.

I am ending this give away in January simple to celebrate the grand opening of PAX South 2014 and I hope you will be lucky enough to share the experience with me.


I wish you all the best of luck!

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when clumsy Tao strikes…


cr: ACE其实是个妹子

July 2014 in Prague: Wu Yifan’s photoshoot for Tiny Times 3 OST/時間煮雨 

and The Oscar goes to…

“I have known him nearly all my life, and I am going to marry him, so that there won't ever be a time when I shan't know him.”

Kai’s reaction to Baeksoo’s wink~


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